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Recibe miniwings,pentagram box, pet and ring panda, bless of lightx10 when you are a new user - Reciba miniwings,pentagram box, pet y ring panda, bless of lightx10 al ser usuario nuevo

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Join our server and always enjoy! - Unete a nuestro servidor y disfruta siempre!

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Get GP coins to use the XSHOP and acquire those items that interest you the most - Obtenga monedas GP para usar la XSHOP y adquirir esos items que mas le interesan!

TOP Rankings
1Dragon KnightSynthes40010
2First BlazerTenRyu40010
3Lord EmperorVERMOUTH40010
4Blade MasterCEREBELUZ40010
5Noble ElfLadyElf40010
6Empire LordiAncestraL40010
7First BlazerZIMMER40010
8Soul WizardASPROS40010
9Soul WizardBufis40010
10Empire LordKalash40010
11First BlazerPucarino40010
12Empire LordxTORRESx40010
13Soul WizardSysh40010
14Master SlayerSLMALEFICA40010
15Shining LancerPucarinita40010
16High ElfELFasiTOee40010
17Noble ElfCAOTICA40010
18Noble ElfGrumosa40010
19Noble ElfSansa40010
20Blade MasterFRANCISbm40010
22Grand MasterWIZARDCERE40010
23Empire LordAIZEN40010
24Dimension SummonerLowdreams40010
25Shining LancerFULLNEC40010
26Dragon KnightSoldierJah40010
27Noble ElfBrisaEE40010
28Shining LancerLadyGrow40010
29High ElfLUZDECERE40010
30Empire LordXNAviX40010
31Dimension MasterSUMMAGCERE40010
32Empire LordMaximo40010
33Lord EmperorDLSTRCERE40010
34Soul WizardKadabraSM40010
36First BlazerGroot40010
37Empire LordFireDL40010
38Lord EmperorWintDL40010
39Noble ElfAraceli40010
41Noble ElfMelany40010
42Dimension SummonerSharon40010
43Soul WizardKarma40010
44First BlazerSECTHOR40010
45Noble ElfAurora40010
46Mirage LancerGrowNoe40010
47Noble ElfBuffy40010
48Noble ElfChristie40010
49Soul WizardChris40010
50Blade MasterLordarkani40010
51Master SlayerXEREZ40010
52Master SlayerHannaH40010
53Lord EmperorLoRdHaDeS40010
54High ElfPendorcha40010
55Empire LordUnsainted40010
56Master SlayerCaTaLeTa40010
58Shining LancerBeyonce40010
59Grand MasterAllMithg40010
60Grand Rune MasterUrakoa40010
62Lord EmperorDLISCO40010
63Soul WizardWITCHER40010
64Empire LordChachu40010
65Noble ElfWinehouse40010
66Dimension SummonerEazyE40010
67Empire LordDARKSECTOR40010
68Fist MasterBIGDOG40010
69Dragon KnightGaren40010
70High ElfSoraka40010
71Master SlayerKatarina40010
72Grand MasterOdin40010
74Noble ElfTellus40010
75Noble ElfTrauson40010
76First BlazerNeMeSIS40010
77Dimension SummonerRidia40010
78Noble ElfDaisy40010
79Dragon KnightXxphoenixX40010
80Noble ElfCaracola40010
81Soul WizardCloudzero40010
82Shining LancerCarla40010
83Dragon KnightStanozolol40010
84Noble ElfDianabol40010
85Soul WizardElYami40010
86High ElfMikaela40010
87Fist MasterAbusaMadre40010
88Soul WizardmaduroCTM40010
89Shining LancerZzTop40010
90Grand MasterTheWho40010
92Empire LordTheRock40010
93Dragon KnightWhiteBM40010
94Dimension SummonerWhiteSummy40010
95Magic KnightNouki40010
96Empire LordDaNiToX40010
97Noble ElfRaDiKaLs40010
98First BlazerDante40010
99Dimension SummonerAriel40010
100Soul WizardAzrael40010
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