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Recibe miniwings,pentagram box, pet and ring panda, bless of lightx10 when you are a new user - Reciba miniwings,pentagram box, pet y ring panda, bless of lightx10 al ser usuario nuevo

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Join our server and always enjoy! - Unete a nuestro servidor y disfruta siempre!

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Get GP coins to use the XSHOP and acquire those items that interest you the most - Obtenga monedas GP para usar la XSHOP y adquirir esos items que mas le interesan!

TOP Rankings
1Soul MasterPerfect400
2Empire LordiAncestraL400
3Empire LordxTORRESx400
4High ElfCrocuda400
5First BlazerPucarino400
6Fist MasterDuffMan400
7Slayer RoyalSasha400
8Noble ElfLadyElf400
9Blade MasterCEREBELUZ400
10High ElfiAncestra400
11Empire LordKalash400
12Soul WizardBufis400
13Soul WizardASPROS400
14First BlazerZIMMER400
15Blade MasterKamusBK400
16Soul MasteriAncestro400
17Dragon KnightSynthes400
18Lord EmperorVERMOUTH400
19First BlazerTenRyu400
20Shining LancerErza400
21Shining LancerPucarinita400
22Master SlayerSLMALEFICA400
23Soul WizardSysh400
24Noble ElfMavis400
25Noble ElfSansa400
26Noble ElfGrumosa400
27Noble ElfCAOTICA400
28High ElfELFasiTOee400
29Mirage LancerLetal400
30Empire LordYampar400
31Fist MasterFIFI400
32Blade MasterFRANCISbm400
33Mirage LancerCholaPower400
34Fist MasterSTANO400
36High ElfOnlyBuff400
37High ElfLUZDECERE400
38High ElfFanatica400
39Grand MasterDaftPunk400
40Grand MasterWIZARDCERE400
41Empire LordXNAviX400
42Soul WizardChor2400
43Empire LordMaximo400
44Dimension MasterSUMMAGCERE400
45Rage FighterTheStrokes400
47Soul WizardKadabraSM400
48Lord EmperorDLSTRCERE400
49Dark LordArtiMonkey400
50High ElfVADOS400
51Mirage LancerTravestY400
52Shining LancerLadyGrow400
53Noble ElfBrisaEE400
54Dragon KnightSoldierJah400
55Dragon KnightSTEROID400
56Blade KnightDefteros400
57Master SlayerBloodyLady400
58Grow LancerFroggen400
59Lord EmperorZothoR400
60Grand MasterJonSnow400
61Dark Lordcindy400
62Shining LancerFULLNEC400
63High Elfvolumen400
64Dimension SummonerLowdreams400
65High ElfKara400
66Empire LordAIZEN400
67Dimension SummonerSharon400
68Noble ElfMelany400
70Noble ElfAraceli400
71Empire LordJoyero400
72Dark LordStryker400
74Lord EmperorRompeORTOS400
75Dragon KnightKato400
76Noble ElfGaia400
77Grand Rune MasterVelana400
78Lord EmperorWintDL400
79Empire LordFireDL400
80Shining LancerValka400
81Soul WizardDark400
83Dark LordDEUTEROS400
84Dark LordMOOR400
85Shining LancerYgrid400
86Noble ElfHouse400
87First BlazerGroot400
88Grand MasterTakuma400
89Fist MasterPunker400
90Blade MasterDrache400
91High ElfJackie400
92Lord EmperorDajaka400
93Empire LordGreeko400
94Grow LancerTeeny400
95Soul MasterShield400
96Noble ElfClitoriHot400
97Soul WizardSinEfecto400
98Shining LancerValentina400
99First BlazerSinCausa400
100First BlazerSECTHOR400
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